Unlisted gas engineer pleads guilty after multiple violations

Unlisted gas engineer pleads guilty after multiple violations

Dean Coslett, a self-employed gas engineer has been sentenced after carrying out illegal gas work.

Mr Coslett was sentenced at Bournemouth Crown Court after a hearing which revealed that the defendant had undertaken unlawful work at several properties in Dorset between 2017 and 2019.

Upon further investigation by the Health and Safety Executive, it was found that Mr Coslett had failed to correctly stall several gas appliances according to the correct safety standards. Dean Coslett was served with a prohibition notice which he did not comply with.

Carrying out unregistered gas work gives rise to several risks to the operator and the owner of the work being done. The disregard shown by Mr Coslett shows that a lack of proper safety awareness was consciously applied.

The gas safety register is an important part of ensuring that safety standards can be met when conducting potentially hazardous installations anywhere and anytime.

The gas safety register provides the HSE with a way of maintaining some quality control over who installs gas applications. This is very important when it has to do with operating in individual and commercial properties.

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