OSHAssociation Nigeria Region opens new office in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja

On Tuesday 17th February 2015, Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHAssociation) Nigeria Region opened new office at the FCT Abuja, Nigeria.

The opening of the new office in Abuja represents a new era in Nigeria region of the Association, to ensure that the vision and mission of the association is achieved in the region. The office located at the center of FCT Abuja, Federal Secretariat, Block A, Ground Floor, Opposite Eagle’s Square FCT Abuja.

The OSHAssociation Abuja Office was declared opened by the Assistant Controller Iheneme Iyo from the Headquarters of the Federal Fire Services on behalf of the Controller General Federal Fire Services and the event was well attended by safety professionals from both public and private sectors, especially delegation from fire and safety department of Federal Fire Service Abuja.

Safety View press interviewed the Assistant Controller Iheneme Iyo who acknowledged his delight to share the vision and mission of Occupational Safety and Health Association in Nigeria, thanking God for the opportunity of being part of the new development which is seen as a way forward to volatile Occupational Safety, Health, Security and Environment issues in Nigeria. He added “I know about OSHAssociation and other international safety bodies, when it gets to matters of this nature, it is something that gladdens my heart, so definitely, it is a good deal, it is a relationships that is worth flowing with when it gets to matters of managerial concept exactly what we were actually trying to portray, I will say yes it is a relationship worth doing with OSHAssociation. So what is worth doing is worth doing well.”

The National President of OSHAssociation Nigeria Region Dr. Abraham Nwachukwu, further state “Before now, we did not have an office in FCT Abuja which we can call ours, but now the case is different. This then makes it easier for the association to put more effort in creating more awareness and sensitizing workers in the region and beyond on the importance and the integral role play by health and safety in on organization.”

The Abuja office according to him has the responsibility to achieve the mandate of the association with all the ministries and most head of businesses situated in FCT, adding that the need to get everyone sensitized about the relevance of safety cannot be over emphasized. OSHAssociation is ready and equipped to add great value in the region and organizational capacity that the society and the industries need to push their safety effort forward, he added.

In a brief chat with Engr. Emmanuel Uwalaka Administrator Nigeria Region of the association, said in a statement OSHAssociation is positioned to help the society and the industries further safety awareness, training and education to ensure a healthier, safer and secure Nigeria.

OSHAssociation, which has thousands of members in Nigeria region, is an international nonprofit professional body, advocating for Occupational Safety, Health & Environment with the vision of collaborating with groups, corporate organizations and government agencies in the region in achieving its vision in Nigeria region.

At the end of the event, delegation from the Federal Fire Services Headquarters, members and staff of OSHAssociation expressed their gratitude to God for provision of such an office in the centre of Abuja and promised to work in one accord with the association to achieve greater height in achieving ZERO Incident and Injury at workplaces.

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