This year’s Arab Health Exhibition & Conferences held at Dubai World Trade Center was a huge success. The theme ‘Connectivity for better healthcare delivery’.

Healthcare and trade professionals from over 159 countries  attended the opening of the Arab Health Exhibition and Conferences, as OSHAssociation delegations from Africa and Middle East region were glad to join the region’s largest gathering of healthcare companies and industry leaders where they met to profer solutions to challenges in the healthcare sector.

“OSHAssociation members joined  more than 55,000 healthcare and trade professionals and 4,250 exhibiting companies from over 64 countries who participated this year.

“We have a very specific mandate to facilitate business opportunities within the region while also advancing industry knowledge, something we have facilitated successfully for over four decades.”

Engr. Emmanuel Uwalaka, one of the official executives of OSHAssociation while speaking with the healthcare manufacturers, made them to understand the need for organisations to acquire life saving healthcare equipment that will help to achieve the goal of saving lives  at workplace.

He stressed the importance for healthcare institutions, hospitals and clinic to acquire effective and modern medical equipment and devices; disposable and consumer goods; healthcare infrastructure and assets; imaging and diagnostics; and preventive and post-diagnostics treatments, among others. Healthcare industry professionals need to build  confidence to focus on effective medical delivery services where they matter most – “patient care and safety.”

Arab Health is the right platform for showcasing products and innovations for shaping the future of healthcare sector.

OSHAssociation in partnership with many Healthcare Manufacturers, has unveiled its new smart platform to help public and private organisations within Africa and middle east region towards accessing health saving products and equipment for the safety and total wellbieng of their employees.

The OSHAssociation’s move comes in line with its efforts to contribute to healthcare, patient safety and promote preventive health in Africa and Middle East Region. For further enquires  from our partners, contact us

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