Do you need a health and safety job? Read this!

Do you need a health and safety job? Read this!

Despite many worries people have, health and safety is becoming increasingly popular as a career.

Getting a job in health and safety may be a Herculean task, especially when it has to do with people who feel they do not have skills that can be transferred in the industry.

Finding the right job within health and safety takes time, it will most times take building up experience within a good company before landing a favourable dream job. Like any other profession, health and safety provides no-experience positions that will help you to produce and thrive over time.

How to begin in health and safety?

You must know what you are getting into before delving into the career of health and safety.

Despite the mouth watery offers that health and safety gives, ensure your sole purpose of entering the field is not for money. Yes! A lot of health and safety professionals love and have a passion for their work!

You must work out your passion if you find yourself in a managerial role. Do you take pleasure in serving people? Then some of the human operation health and safety roles could be a great place to launch.

One fun thing about health and safety is the possibility for specialisation in the field you choose, there are various areas of interest you can focus on.

There are many ways you can begin with health and safety, despite you are moving in from an operational or human resources background. But there are steps you need to embrace for your health and safety CV to be presentable for your job search.

  • To begin with, secure relevant safety qualifications

Getting the relevant OSHAssociation qualifications will give you an edge when you make your applications. The qualifications and memberships you acquire are great for developing in-depth knowledge of health and safety through an accredited professional body.

  • Search for a strong entry-level health and safety position

A good entry-level position will help you polish your health and safety skills whilst allowing you to learn from senior colleagues. As you take up the lower health and safety roles in the organisation where you are, you will be making a huge difference.

  • Learn to adapt to a mindset shift

Accepting a mindset shift means you can grow and adapt to any new changes the industry faces in future. This could be an increasing role of technology or changes in personnel management. Keeping an open mindset will help you adapt to development and change.

How can I network to get the right offers?

Find the right health and safety job that you love

There are considerations you should have made if you are targeting a career in health and safety.

Check for various HSE groups and Networks where series of HSE jobs and opportunities are posted for public viewing. These jobs cut across a variety of industries and companies.

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